Neo Steel puts Quality first, a must in the demanding and competitive business environment of our customers, offering products and services of the highest reliability.


  • Meet the needs and expectations of customers, employees, shareholders, society and other interested parties.

  • Promote continuous improvement of the Management System, always based on objectives and goals.

Purpose and Identity


To be a leader in the active market, with a focus on technology and innovation, to keep motivated employees and entrepreneurs, as well as highly qualified partners, promoting human relationships as a source of energy for constant improvement.


To provide our partners with confidence, responsibility and the best technical solutions with quality in all the active market, without losing the focus on growth, profitability, social and environmental responsibility.


  • Pride and passion for what we do;
  • Innovation, creativity and flexibility to solve problems;
  • Respect for people and their development;
  • Quality and reliability of products;
  • Respect for the environment and the community around us;
  • Professional and institutional ethics;
  • Trust relationship with all involved.

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