High quality standards in products and services, as well as excellence in economic, social and environmental sustainability.

These are premises that guide the work of all the companies that make up the ABG Group, including Neo PWT.
Consequently, we are oriented towards sustainable business. Thus, the efficient and strategic management of financial resources is part of the essence of the commercial group, bringing continuity to partnerships defined in different spheres, generating new investments and more jobs.
Concern for our team located in the city of Salto is also one of the pillars of our sustainable growth. Therefore, we invest beyond the issue of production and safety of our team, as well as encouraging diversity of ethnicities and genders, combating prejudice and encouraging inclusion.
Attention to environmental impact is also a value for our brand.
We are dedicated to reducing the production of waste to the environment, correctly disposing of waste and waste from industrial production, in addition to encouraging recycling campaigns within the company.

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