Projects developed with robust simulations and validations
The engineering area works to optimize products for each application, evaluating projects with robust simulations and validating real products in laboratories that meet the most demanding standards and specifications of our customers.



Neo PWT develops and manufactures Throttle Body with high technology, reliability and performance, serving automakers in the automotive segment. The products are developed together with customers, within strict design parameters, aiming to optimize performance for each application, being validated in simulations and laboratories, in accordance with the most demanding standards and specifications of our customers.



To validate products, the Neo PWT structure uses metallurgical, dimensional and mechanical laboratories.


Main automotive market standards certify Neo PWT quality

Neo PWT has certified quality in accordance with the main requirements of the automotive market.

Our quality and environmental policy consists of:

• Product quality and safety;
• Control of risks to the health and safety of our employees;
• Conservation and protection of the environment and its natural resources;
• Satisfy legal requirements applied to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.

Mission: To provide our partners with trust, responsibility and the best technical solutions with quality throughout the active market, without losing focus on safety, growth, profitability and social and environmental responsibility.

Vision: To be a leader in the current market, focusing on technology and innovation, maintaining motivated and entrepreneurial employees, as well as highly qualified partners, promoting human relationships as a source of energy for constant improvement.

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