Exceed customer specifications with high technology and reliability
Neo PWT has resources that allow it to exceed customer specifications for the design, development and manufacturing of powertrain parts, with high technology and reliability.

Projects in Development

Neo PWT currently works with the production of Throttle Body – known as Throttle Body –, with the functionality of controlling the intake of air mass by the engine, providing greater performance in controlling emissions, fuel consumption and drivability. To validate products, we use metallurgical, dimensional and mechanical laboratories.

Production Area

The company has a total area of 40,000 m², with 22,000 m² of built area, industrial engineering capable of designing mechanical and electrical projects, both in assembly and programming. We have an annual production capacity of 800 thousand units.


Located in Salto/SP, Neo PWT is part of a group of companies that serves the national and international markets

Neo PWT is part of the ABG Group, present in the most demanding national and international markets, with its manufacturing unit in Salto/SP.

The ABG Group is a business conglomerate that is present in different sectors of the economy. With a diversified portfolio of brands and products from different segments, it operates with several companies, in various business areas (light and heavy automotive wheels, stamping, automotive seating systems, casting and machining of brass and aluminum components, health services, administrative-financial consultancy services and information technology services), directly employing around 1,800 employees.

Through its companies, the ABG Group establishes its brand of excellence in the quality of products and services, service, economic, environmental and social sustainability. As a highlight, Neo Rodas, Neo Steel and Neo Parts are part of the Group and stand out in their markets.

With strategic vision and commitment, the ABG Group continues to write its history of investments and growth with dedication and respect for people, the community and the precepts of governance and sustainability.

Neo PWT is the ABG Group unit focused on manufacturing powertrain products, with a great location, close to major highways and airports. In addition to qualified labor, with high technology and competence in the automotive sector and in the diversification of its market.


Commitment and focus determine the Neo PWT integrated management policy

Neo PWT is committed to providing our partners with trust, responsibility and the best quality technical solutions across the entire market, without losing focus on safety, growth, profitability, social and environmental responsibility.

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